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Friday, February 7 Youth Night


LIVE MUSIC, worship, message, and snacks for youth in grades 6-12


6:30     Games and Gym Time 

7:30     Snack

8:00     Main Session (Live Music, Drama, Message)

   Scott SmithFinding your Identity in Christ in a world of Social Media



Saturday, February 8

5:00     Dinner

6:00     Intro/Opening Worship

6:30     Breakout Sessions (four 45-minute sessions)

8:00     Worship, Drama, Keynote Speaker

Breakout Session #1 

Lessons From The Wilderness

Session Leader: Marc Hershberger

“Behold, I will do something new, now will it spring forth; will you not be aware of it?  I will even make a roadway in the wildness, rivers in the desert.”   Isaiah 43:19


 One of the most difficult places to be in our faith is in the wilderness.  That place where God feels most absent; most silent; most disinterest in the affairs of our life.  But are those times really a case of divine abandonment, or might those times actually be an indication that God is doing a deeper work in us and preparing us for a greater work with Him?  What does it look like to walk in faith and grow in faith in the wilderness?

Breakout Session #2 

Today is The First Day of the Rest of Your (Our) Life!

Session Leader: Basil Marin


Today is the first day of the rest of your (our) life!


Let us deal with our yesterday and put it in its right place, at the same time, let's move forward, to the fulfillment of our design and purpose, because, we have been blessed by the King Of Kings and there are kings waiting for us to bless them. Today is really the first day of the rest of your (our) life! Let us be a blessing, and fullfil our purpose.




Breakout Session #3 

Interpreting Scripture Faithfully

Session Leader: Josh Meyer


As Christians, we affirm that the Bible is God's divinely inspired Word.  Why is it, then, that so many Christians disagree on what Scripture teaches?  And how can we learn to interpret the Bible accurately, in ways that honor God and point to Christ?  This session will identify common mistakes in biblical interpretation and equip participants with practices for interpreting Scripture faithfully.    



Breakout Session #4

Simplifying our Search for God

Session Leader: Collin Moyer

Romans 1:19-20, Psalm 19:1


When is the last time you can confidently say you experienced God's presence in your life? Unfortunately for many of us, that question takes too long to answer. That's not to say we don't have awesome experiences with God, but we tend to over-complicate what it means to see Him working in our lives. We look for booming voices, emotional worship experiences, or for things to 'magically' fall into place before we can be sure of our encounters with Him. We say He is hard to find, and we're not always sure of His work every day. In reality, we serve a God who is omnipresent -- He is everywhere. He's always speaking to us, always active in our lives. And He wants to be known by us! He wants us to find Him! In this session, we will look at what it means to find God in the simple and ordinary, and understand that experiencing Him can be an everyday occurrence. 


8:00     Main Session


Jay Geistdorfer 

When I'm Not _______Enough! 


Ever wake up and feel like something is missing? Something isn't right? I was not supposed to be here! How did this happen? Is God listening? Why don't I feel him? Why don't I feel love?  How did I get here? What do we do in life when we reach the point where we are no longer enough? Where our stuff isn't the stuff our dreams are made of. What do we do when we are living in a world we are confident we are called to be in but nothing is going the way it is supposed to?  Join us at refresh as we discover what leads us to the point where we say I'm not______ enough. 


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