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Breakout Sessions

Refresh breakout sessions offer biblical insight into the challenges that all of us face every day. They are designed to allow you to plug into a topic that interests you.

Let’s take a look into the story of Jacob and his wrestling match with God.  Why was Jacob wrestling with God? What did he want? What did God want?  Why did God not just “overpower” Jacob in their wrestling match? Could He? Have you ever felt like you were “wrestling” with God?  As we grow in our faith, we often feel “nudges” from the Lord through the Holy Spirit.  While most have us have not experienced a physical wrestling match with God, we do often “wrestle” in our mind and spirit with God. Maybe it’s something God is calling you to, maybe it’s something God is calling you out of.  We don’t often like to admit right away that it is a call from God, often we question if it is really God.  Do we question it because we don’t know for sure, or do we question it more often because we don’t want it to be?  Let’s discuss the importance of discerning and listening to God speak through the Holy Spirit into our lives.

Wrestling with God

Leader: Jeremy Nice

Scripture Text(s): Genesis 32: 22-29

Ever wonder if your church is turning into a country club? Do all your attendees, walk and talk and look the same? Are we really the church God is calling us to be? It’s time for us to share our strategic ideas to reach those who are far from the Lord. To transform our thoughts to who are the least of these and how we ministers to them. Pastor Jay will lead a discussion on how to identify and engage the community where your church is planted. Our goal is to encourage the church to really meet the people where they are and move them to where God is calling them to be! It is important that you can minister!

The Least of These

Leader: Jay Geistdorfer

Scripture Text(s): Matthew 25: 31-46

Mission & the Arts

Leader: Scott Smith

God’s grace through the gospel of Jesus has given us relationship with Him and invited us into divine
purpose on earth. Mission is a key idea throughout the scriptures. We’ll explore it through a 21st
century lens and talk about how the arts can be used to live into mission.

Scripture Text(s): Genesis 1:26-28;

Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:6-9; Acts 17:23-24

We’ve all seen it: people who were once devoted now walking away from the church and the faith, never to return. It has never been easier to leave the church in America than it is right now. Churches are closing their doors for good at an increasing rate. Pastors are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. Christians are walking away from the faith. Entire denominations are scrambling to hold on to their dwindling numbers by compromising doctrine and the gospel and selling out to our culture’s demands. But you love Jesus and you desire to remain faithful. Though all may fall away, you desire to abide in Jesus - to remain faithful. You desire to be ready and vigilant, waiting and watching for Jesus’ return. But it’s difficult! How do you navigate these tricky cultural waters without shipwrecking your faith? This breakout provides practical biblical guidelines to help you avoid shipwreck and remain faithful to Jesus.

Remaining Faithful

Leader: Gibson Largent

Scripture Text(s): Galatians 1:6-9;

1 Timothy 1:18-20; 4:1-16

Some have read parenting books, and some have been to parenting seminars, but have we ever gone to the Bible when it comes to parenting? What does God's Word say about how we should raise our children? How do we raise our child in the name of the Lord? Is this possible? Pastor Kyle will take us through what the Bible has to say about raising a child and how we can apply it in today's culture.

Godly Parenting

Leader: Kyle Rodgers

Scripture Text(s): Proverbs 22:6

In a world that seems to be growing ever darker it is so easy just to go along to blend in.  We can quickly find ourselves justifying our behavior with its no big deal but how does its no big deal usually turn out, what are the signs I might be on the slippery slope and how does God bring freedom and redemption when we do compromise in the face of all we are facing.

The Slippery Slope

Leader: Bill Wright

Scripture Text(s): Genesis 13

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